Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sibbald Sunday Market - Sunday 1st May 2011

Pauline and I decided to try the new Sunday Market at Blackridge, its indoors and outdoors which is good and you have to phone ahead to book a place so that means you dont have to queue up at 6am in the morning for a pitch.

On arrival we were ushered into a huge warehouse style building with individual pens and each had a tressle table we laughed as we thought it made us look like a prize sheep at a highland show lol.

It was very well organised the market manager came round a couple of times for a chat and find out how we were doing but the only thing I have to say against is that there was not many acutal traders mainly all carbooters which is the impression you would have got from the actual advert for it.

It was a slow morning but picked up at lunchtime and as I was packing up got a last minute surge of customers which is what happens to me at a lot of events.

We will probably give this another chance but not sure when as we want to try out other avenues


Reindeer Playgroup Summer Fair - Saturday 30th April 2011

Back to Holy Cross Church Davidson Mains this time for the hall's playgroup Summer Fair. It was a combined Carboot/Indoor Table top sale so I booked 2 tables since they were cheap.

I wasnt impressed with the tables I got and I was the only stall stuck in the middle of the room so customers had to walk around me that's the ones that realised I was there after walking round the other stalls, some came round the back of me and leaned over, I done surprisingly alright in the end maybe its because of my reduced price watches and the fact I took a couple of boxes of Aliens along for the boys who visited my stall.

Oh well not to worry its behind me now onto the next event