Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sibbald Sunday Market - Sunday 1st May 2011

Pauline and I decided to try the new Sunday Market at Blackridge, its indoors and outdoors which is good and you have to phone ahead to book a place so that means you dont have to queue up at 6am in the morning for a pitch.

On arrival we were ushered into a huge warehouse style building with individual pens and each had a tressle table we laughed as we thought it made us look like a prize sheep at a highland show lol.

It was very well organised the market manager came round a couple of times for a chat and find out how we were doing but the only thing I have to say against is that there was not many acutal traders mainly all carbooters which is the impression you would have got from the actual advert for it.

It was a slow morning but picked up at lunchtime and as I was packing up got a last minute surge of customers which is what happens to me at a lot of events.

We will probably give this another chance but not sure when as we want to try out other avenues


Reindeer Playgroup Summer Fair - Saturday 30th April 2011

Back to Holy Cross Church Davidson Mains this time for the hall's playgroup Summer Fair. It was a combined Carboot/Indoor Table top sale so I booked 2 tables since they were cheap.

I wasnt impressed with the tables I got and I was the only stall stuck in the middle of the room so customers had to walk around me that's the ones that realised I was there after walking round the other stalls, some came round the back of me and leaned over, I done surprisingly alright in the end maybe its because of my reduced price watches and the fact I took a couple of boxes of Aliens along for the boys who visited my stall.

Oh well not to worry its behind me now onto the next event


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lauderdale Carboot Sale - Sunday 24th April 2011

We took a trip to Lauderdale today, one of our favourite hotels for a meal stop whenever we do border events. It was the Lauderdale Rotary Club organising it with all proceeds going to The Lavender Touch.

The event was originally advertised as indoor or outdoor which we booked indoor but because of the lovely weather today they put us all outdoors - glad we took our tables although there were plenty indoors if we wanted to use them.

The only thing I didnt plan for was being outdoors and sunshine i wore the wrong type top it was low cut and I didnt have a cap or sunglasses and boy am I suffering now lol.

The day was very quiet but it was nice sitting in the sunshine and we did manage to get a couple of contacts for good events later this year so it wasnt all a waste of time.

After the event we stayed at the hotel and had Fish & Chips that is a speciality of the Lauderdale Hotel and they didnt let us down today they were as scrummy as ever.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Leven High Street Easter Fair - Saturday 23 April 2011

After both Pauline & Claire said they couldnt make it, I was a bit gutted as I had already paid £20 for this so invited Brian who jumped at the chance and also drove me over

The weather wasnt as nice as last year it rained lightly on and off most of the day until just not long after lunch when the heavens opened and we decided around 3pm to call it a day

Although the weather wasnt as nice as last year people were still about and buying so it wasnt all that bad but could have been better

Have been invited back to their Summer event but not sure what Pauline will be doing and don't really want to keep annoying Brian for a lift all the time as he is coming out of his way to pick me up but we shall see what happenes


Friday, 22 April 2011

More Stock Added

Just added a few more items to my website and Facebook page, I am really pleased with both Website and FB page they are both coming along nicely only to get some orders now that would be good


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Feeling A Wee Bit Sad

Feeling a wee bit sad as due to personal reasons I had to give up my little space at the Hairdressing Salon, I will miss the day to day banter but on the plus side it will give me time to promote my website and Facebook page


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Facebook Finally Updated

Finally I have managed to get Facebook updated with my recent stock delivery, between Facebook and my Internet I was having a very bad day yesterday but managed to get the last of them uploaded tonight so fingers crossed I may get a few orders


Sunday, 17 April 2011

500+ likers password - comp

Wow thanks to a march from Send In The Troops I am nearly at 500 likers and to celebrate I plan to have a giveaway.

To win this giveaway you need the following password

Crown Jewels

When I say so on Facebook the first person to come here, retrieve the password and post it as a comment will win the prize that I decide to put on. 


Website finally updated

That's me finally finnished updating my website adding all the lovely new stock that has not long arrived, I would have had it done sooner only the stupid idiot that I am deleted a whole page of photos from my web account and had to readd them.

I will start updating Facebook tomorrow and add all the new products


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spring Fair In Aid Of Sick Kids - Saturday 16th April 2011

This was a 2 hour event 2pm - 4pm cost £15 per table even although we took our own table and had to give a tombola prize. I felt rotton declining to buy a raffle ticket but they were £2 and after paying for the table and it cost us £3.50  each in parking it became an expensive afternoon

I only made £33.45 so after my outlays I only took home £14.95 so not so sure if I would do this event again.

In all fairness it was the organisers first event organised and it did have a good turnout but lots of stalls there and a few duplicates so perhaps a lot of competition although I had my pocket money toys today so no competition for me - will see what happens when the next one is announced


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Glenrothes Art Club - Summer Fair Saturday 9th April 2011

Were invited back to this one from last year's visit, although I do have to say that the turnout although busy wasnt as great as their Christmas fair.

I decided to take only my pound lines and they went really well, so will keep this in mind for any future events here.

Came home was intending to tidy up before beginning to sort out my new Jewellery delivery only to fall asleep at the pc woke up very sore indeed but had a good sleep believe it or not so im now about to attack my jewellery order and get the web and facebook page updated


Friday, 8 April 2011

Mayfield Gymnastics Summer Fair - Thursday 7th April 2011

What a lovely night for a summer fair.

It was in the main hall again which is a large spacious hall, they put on a good night, it was well attended by families, there was a bouncy castle, dj and lots of games for the children which made the night, as some of these events can be quite boring if it is just stalls etc.

Not a lot of stalls which was good, I was selling my pocket money toys at this with some pieces of jewellery and hair accessories. Had a good night sales wise and was home before 9pm so good night in all


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

April - Special Offer (Ideal for party bags)

APRIL SPECIAL OFFER - buy any 10 items or more from our girls section and receive a special discount - discount will be included in your paypal invoice and will depend on final money value of order - this offer will expire 30/04/2011 and is an online exclusive. This offer is fantastic for party bag fillers or just to put away as gifts

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Davidson's Mains Children's Gala Carboot Sale/Indoor sale Saturday 2nd April 2011

An event to raise funds to help put the gala day on (11th June)

Well yesterday's weather was fantastic, as a trader I was indoors at this event, there were lots of visitors but didnt make much, never even covered my table costs.

I think the main problem was that there were too many jewellery stalls, infact the whole hall was full of mainly jewellery and cards so from the point of view of a visitor this must have been very boring for them.


Friday, 25 March 2011

Abbey Hill Primary Car Boot/ Spring Fayre Friday 25 March 2011

Well the sun shone all afternoon so that was one thing in favour.

Sadly this event wasnt very much supported by the school, it was the organisers first event she had done  but she done well its a pitty the rest of the school didnt come and support her.

I was speaking to her and gave her a few pointers for any future events whe wants to run and she has taken them on board and will get intouch with me when she is organising any more events.

So just gonna have a cup of coffee before the tea time rush starts in the house


Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Nose Day 2011

Today only I will be donating 10% of my online sales to Comic Relief - every sale made up to Midnight tonight will count.

Click here to visit my website

You can also visit my facebook Red Nose Day auction folder where you can bid on a lovely piece - all proceeds to to Comic Relief - auction closes at Midnight tonight

Thursday, 17 March 2011

It's A Small World

Well I have been at the salon since last November and only just found out yesterday that my neice Stacey and her family live directly opposite. Hopefully a new customer to both salon and Jewellery To You & More.

Can't wait to see her baby which is due at the end of March


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Back At The Salon

Well after a week off in bed ill, I finally managed to get back to the salon yesterday and was able to move into the other window where I have lots more space to display my stock, so got more to take in to day to finnish off my display.

Lets  hope I get the folk in to buy it now


Saturday, 12 March 2011

East Lothian Gymnastics Coffee Morning - Sat 12th March 2011

I had a good morning in the end, to start with wasnt sure if I would get there as it was snowing quite heavy here in Edinburgh but we got there.

It was a bit quiet at first but picked up towards the end but considering it was only on from 10am - 12 noon I think I done okay (although not done the days takings lol)

Its a pitty it was not good weather as it was a lovely wee fair and I think had it been better weather more of the locals may have come out to support it


Thursday, 10 March 2011

My First Facebook Customer

Well it finally happened I got my first Facebook customer, I'm really pleased at that, it just goes to prove that all that networking with other pages really does work


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Not feeling any better

Not been feeling very well the last few days so not been around much on the business side.

Last night wasnt that good either never got much sleep as was coughing and sneezing all night, so going to take another day off the shop today and go back to bed again and see if one last day can sort me out.

Will work more on updating the website later today if I feel up to it


Facebook Slow Again

Greeeeeeeeeee Facebook is on a mega slow for me my business page is taking ages to load and it is a pain when I am trying to network come on Faceook get it fixed some of us have businesses to run

Sunday, 6 March 2011

150 Liker Draw

Okay ive done it - reached 150 likes on Facebook - to celebrate I am having a wee giveaway for my followers on my blog you can win a lovely playing card mobile phone charm as in the photo
To win you must be a follower of my blog, if you can't do this then please send an email to with the subject header 150 likes and I will enter you in the draw

This draw will end 8pm Wednesday 9th March at 9pm

Good luck everyone

Back In Stock

I am pleased to announce that JTY014 is now back in stock, all back orders have now been sent out

These bracelets cost £4.50 including p&p, you can either click here  to order direct from my website or send me your paypal email address to and I will send you an invoice.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

100 + Likers

Wow I have got over 100 likers on Facebook - a wee giveaway coming soon but I am waiting on some new stock and want to put a part of that up so will do the giveaway next week - WATCH THIS SPACE lol


Friday, 25 February 2011

My First Fair of 2011

Saturday Jewellery To You & More will be at Haddington Corn Exchange from 9am - 3pm selling stock from my website and my dress & costume necklace range at £2 each or 3 for £5 which are not available online.

If you are not doing anything and in the area why not pop in and say hiya


Free Listing on Ebay 26 & 27 February

We have another free listing weekend on Ebay this week on all Auction items.


Getting Ready for Fair on Saturday

Good afternon all

Well I am now back from my post office run and all parcels are now away and up to date, just going to have some lunch then start getting my stall ready for tomorrow.

I will be at The Corn Exchange in Haddington selling the stock on my page as well as some dress & costume necklaces not on website for £2 each or 3 for £5 deal of the day I think.

The fair is on from 9am - 3pm and you will also find the Farmer's Market on until 1pm.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

At home making up hair accessories gift packs

Well today I am spending at home making up hair accessories gift packs to take to the Craft & Gift fayre on Saturday

Please click the link to  visit my special offers page to see what offers I have at this moment in time with hair accessories

Enjoy your day


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jewellery to You - Charity Auction in aid of St Columba's Hospice

Just wanted to let my followers know that i have another page

please like the page and  checkout our aucton folder which starts sunday at 6pm and runs until 8pm 6/3

This is a local Hospice for me where my grandmother spent her final days with some dignaty


Sunday, 20 February 2011

First 50 Prize Draw

Well I hit my first 50 likers on Facebook yesterday its my first milestone - to celebrate I am having a one day prize draw

All my followers will be eligible for the draw to win a pair of children's hair clips
You have to be in it to win it so all you have to do is sign up to follow me on my blog - if you can't do this for any reason please email me at with the subject FIRST 50 and I will include you in the draw
The winner will be announced here on Tuesday



Welcome Competiton

As I am new to this blogging thingy - I am going to run a wee prize draw tomorrow for all my followers - details will follow later of the prize.

Welcome to my blog

Well I've taken a leaf out of Mother Duck's page (Dizzy Duck Creations II) and set up my very own blog.

I am very new to all this so please bare with me as I get used to it.

Once I am used to all this I hope to be offering special blog promotions and competitions for all my followers and likers.

I have a Mother's Day promotion on at the moment and is running to 31/3/2011 just enter FBMUM11 at checkout and recieve 10% discount from anything on my site. Don't forget Mother's day 3/4/2011 so order in plenty of time so it gets to your mum on time.

thanks for reading my first post