Saturday, 23 April 2011

Leven High Street Easter Fair - Saturday 23 April 2011

After both Pauline & Claire said they couldnt make it, I was a bit gutted as I had already paid £20 for this so invited Brian who jumped at the chance and also drove me over

The weather wasnt as nice as last year it rained lightly on and off most of the day until just not long after lunch when the heavens opened and we decided around 3pm to call it a day

Although the weather wasnt as nice as last year people were still about and buying so it wasnt all that bad but could have been better

Have been invited back to their Summer event but not sure what Pauline will be doing and don't really want to keep annoying Brian for a lift all the time as he is coming out of his way to pick me up but we shall see what happenes


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