Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lauderdale Carboot Sale - Sunday 24th April 2011

We took a trip to Lauderdale today, one of our favourite hotels for a meal stop whenever we do border events. It was the Lauderdale Rotary Club organising it with all proceeds going to The Lavender Touch.

The event was originally advertised as indoor or outdoor which we booked indoor but because of the lovely weather today they put us all outdoors - glad we took our tables although there were plenty indoors if we wanted to use them.

The only thing I didnt plan for was being outdoors and sunshine i wore the wrong type top it was low cut and I didnt have a cap or sunglasses and boy am I suffering now lol.

The day was very quiet but it was nice sitting in the sunshine and we did manage to get a couple of contacts for good events later this year so it wasnt all a waste of time.

After the event we stayed at the hotel and had Fish & Chips that is a speciality of the Lauderdale Hotel and they didnt let us down today they were as scrummy as ever.


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